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The Social Media Trend We See and the Small Business Opportunity Created

Certain technologies and certain businesses are said to be “disruptive”. Our point of view is that technologies and businesses are disruptive when they create a power shift that becomes too strong to ignore. There are lots of examples of these disruptions in that last few decades. In more recent years, the power shift from bigger to smaller seems to be escalating. Customers and employees are becoming more powerful. It makes sense to us that small businesses and sole proprietors, who are already the heart and soul of economic growth, will be presented with an opportunity to ride this trend and accelerate growth.

When “Big and Bad” turns into “Big is Bad”, REVEXEL™ will be there to help small businesses seize the opportunity. At REVEXEL™ we are focused on three technologies that we believe will allow sole proprietors and small businesses to seize this growth opportunity. Cloud computing, social media and marketing automation tools are combining to offer cheap and effective access to potential customers anywhere.

Sole proprietors and small businesses can use these technologies and their niche understanding of changing customer needs to grow faster by selling agile and responsive offers that won’t be matched by larger enterprises. The biggest challenge to leveraging this technology to fuel growth is finding the time to figure it out. REVEXEL™ is here to do it for you.

Our Leadership Team

Richard RyanRichard Ryan
Founder and Account Manager

Rich launched REVEXEL™ to help sole proprietors and small business enterprises accelerate growth by using social media affordably and without investing time to figure it out themselves. He leads REVEXEL™ and retains account management responsibilities for our “foundational clients”.

Rich is a “digital refugee” enjoying the journey riding on the back of technology. As a “baby boomer” with a past life in “big time consulting”, technology-driven disruptions have turned out to be a source of great opportunity and adventure for him. Rich has had great career runs at both Accenture and Verizon. Both companies are major forces in digital transformation. He has spent the last five years accelerating growth for small businesses focused on Healthcare IT and IoT- embedded thermal sensors.

Rich is a Certified Public Accountant and has held a DoD Top Secret SCI clearance. Rich holds a New Jersey Real Estate License. He earned a BSBA in Accounting from Shippensburg University. Rich lives on the water, a childhood dream. He is a fishing and boating enthusiast.